Mississippians for Fair Redistricting

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Mississippians for Fair Redistricting
Website:Mississippians for Fair Redistricting
The Mississippians for Fair Redistricting (MFR) is a nonpartisan organization advocating for redistricting reform in Mississippi. It was announced on February 2, 2011.[1]


MFR advocates for 5 principles in the redistricting process:

  • No Split Precints - As few split precincts as possible with zero split precincts being the goal.
  • Compact - Geographically compact districts.
  • Communities Intact - Keeping communities of interest intact and recognizing population shifts.
  • Voting Rights Act - Adhering to the Voting Rights Act; One person, One vote.
  • History - Respecting historical boundaries.[2]


  • Jim Herring, Chairman - Former Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party[3]
  • Cory Wilson, Executive Director


  • Joe Nosef - Former Chief of Staff for Lt. Governor Phil Bryant[4]
  • Jeanne Luckey

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