Missouri 1924 ballot measures

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Twenty-one statewide ballot measures were on the February 6, 1920 ballot in Missouri.

Eight statewide ballot measures were on the November 4, 1920 ballot in Missouri.

On the ballot

February 6

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Issue 1 Property Expands the property rights of religious corporations Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 2 Direct Democracy Raises percentage of signatures needed to invoke initiatives and referendums Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 3 Constitutions Makes significant changes to Article IV of the Missouri constitution Approveda
LRCA Issue 4 Bonds Issues bonds to pay debts from outstanding military bonuses Approveda
LRCA Issue 5 Healthcare Recognizes the obligation of the state to safeguard the public health Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 6 State Exec Streamlines executive branch and gives Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 7 Judiciary Establishes judiciary commission and restructures court districts Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 8 Education Allows for members of the State board of Education to be impeached Approveda
LRCA Issue 9 Elections Restricts voting privileges to only U.S. citizens Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 10 Elections Allows political parties to have their candidates on the ballot Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 11 Local Gov't Allows for consolidation of counties and regulates other border issues Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 12 Local Gov't Overhauls local taxes Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 13 Taxes Gives the general assembly options on how to tax property Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 14 Admin of Gov't Abolishes State Board of Equalization Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 15 Education Sets age limits for free education Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 16 Business Regulates notes, bonds, and stock options Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 17 Veterans Eliminates consciousness objectors clause from the Constitution and provides for the election of military officers. Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 18 Gov't Acc Prohibits public officials from appointing relatives to office Approveda
LRCA Issue 19 Bonds Issues bonds for public improvements and construction of sewers. Approveda
LRCA Issue 20 Constitutions Creates a constitutional requirement that two newspapers per county print ballot measures ahead of elections Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 21 Constitutions Codifies the ways in which new amendments and laws will are executed Defeatedd

November 4

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Issue 1 Gov't Salaries Fixes supreme court salaries and provides for two more judges Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 2 Constitutions Prescribes methods and means for revising and amending the constitution of Missouri Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 3 Local Gov't Prescribes methods and means for revising the charter of St. Louis Defeatedd
LRCA Issue 4 Gov't Salaries Regulates the salaries and expenses of members of the general assembly and prohibits appointments by nepotism Defeatedd
CICA Issue 5 Transportation Provides funds for the completion and maintenance of the state highways system Defeatedd
CICA Issue 6 Labor Provides a system of compensation for workmen injured in industrial accidents Defeatedd
CICA Issue 7 Local Gov't Authorizes St. Louis to consolidate its territories and governments Defeatedd
CICA Issue 8 Taxes Exempts the properties and incomes of churches as well as certain educational and charitable institutions from taxation. Defeatedd

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