Missouri House approves voter ID bill

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April 29, 2010

JEFFFERSON CITY, Missouri: The Missouri House of Representatives on April 20, 2010, approved a constitutional amendment that would expand the requirements of Missouri's voter identification law.[1]

On a 85-64 vote, House Joint Resolution 64 would allow "no excuse" absentee voting with a requirement to show photo identification at the polls. Also, House Bill 1966 was approved by the Missouri House on a 85-68 vote. House Bill 1966 serves as the enacting legislation if the referendum is approved.[1]

The proposed initiative from the legislature could be on the November ballot as a response from a 2006 Missouri Supreme Court ruling that found the cost of obtaining a photo ID under the current law may deter low income voters from voting. The Joint Resolution and the enacting legislation has a hardship waiver for those who cannot afford a state-issued photo ID. The Missouri State Senate must approve the joint resolution before qualifying the initiative on the November ballot.[1]

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