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Missouri Senate Bill 797 (2008)

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Senate Bill 797 was a resolution passed by the Missouri State Senate that would have granted greater access to electoral ballots for third parties. It died in a House committee. The law was sponsored by Sen. Joan Bray in order to fix typographical errors.[1][2]


Text of bill

The legislation read:

If presidential electors are to be nominated, at least one qualified resident of each congressional district shall be named as a nominee for presidential elector. The number of candidates to be nominated shall equal the number of electors to which the state is entitled.

Fiscal Impact

The Committee on Legislative Research did not estimate any fiscal impact from this legislation.

The bill was passed unanimously by the Senate and was sitting in the House Elections Committee, where it ultimately died.[3]

How the 1993 legislation was written

In 1993, the legislation read allowed new and previously unqualified parties circulate a petition in Missouri before they have chosen their nominees. The contradicted itself by later requiring if the party expects to run a presidential candidate, it must name the presidential candidates (and also candidates for presidential elector) on the petition.[4]

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