Missouri personhood amendment heads to court

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November 30, 2009

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JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri: Heading into the 2010 ballot measure season, so-called "personhood amendments" have been filed in a number of states. In Missouri, the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood and several individuals have filed a lawsuit challenging the accuracy of the ballot title given to the Missouri personhood amendment.[1] If the measure is approved for the ballot and is approved by voters the amendment would recognize the personhood of the unborn from the earliest stages of life. Planned Parenthood argues that the ballot summary will most likely mislead voters and does not disclose the possible impact of the measure. Keith Mason of Personhood USA said, "the legal and constitutional 'fallout' of a Missouri Personhood amendment, is that all humans in the state of Missouri have human rights...All humans are people, and must be protected."[2]

The challenged ballot title reads as follows:

Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to define the term “person” to be from the beginning of biological development and grant such person constitutional rights and access to courts under the equal protection, due process, and open courts provisions of the Missouri Constitution?

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