Mitchell Lindemann recall, Douglas, Arizona (2011)

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A vote about whether to recall Mitchell Lindemann from his elected position as a member of the city council of Douglas, Arizona, was scheduled for August 30, 2011, but the election was canceled in May due to court action.[1] Lindemann represents Ward 2.


According to City Clerk Brenda Aguilar, the election was canceled due to the results of a May court case. Recall proponents had submitted signatures, but the court found that all of the proper recall protocol had not been followed. Aguilar said that in October 2011, a new party came forward to initiate another recall attempt against Lindemann, but no official paperwork was ever filed.

Richard Lopez was a leader in the recall effort. Lopez said, "We the Citizens for a Better Progressive Community and of Ward 2, are displeased with Mitch Lindemann for not participating in any meeting which would have educated him on border issues such as the Arizona-Mexico Commission regarding environment, infrastructure, real estate, port of entry, transportation, bi-cultural events, immigration, and tourism and not attending meetings helped by the Arizona League of Cities which give him legislative updates on important issues."[1]

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