Mohave County Kennel Ordinance Repeal Question (November 2012)

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A Mohave County Kennel Ordinance Repeal Question will be on the November, 2012 ballot in Mohave County.

This measure was originally planned to be on the August 30, 2011 ballot but was moved to the General election in 2012 so as to save money. The August election would have been considered a 'special' election thus resulting in the county having to pay around $209,000 to hold the election. Those who petitioned for the ordinance repeal said they were fine with waiting until November 2012 since it would be cheaper for the county. The ordinance is then on the books until the November vote when it may get repealed.[1]

This measure seeks to repeal a county ordinance which implemented new zoning, health and animal control ordinances in the county. Residents who thought the revised ordinances were not fair to pet and property owners as well as rescue organizations petitioned to reverse them. The petitioners were able to collect 5,455 signatures with 4,618 of those being valid at first.[2] The county clerk had removed 17 petitions sheets as they had the wrong date on them, leading the group to not have enough signatures. A judge later determined that the signatures were still gathered in a valid manner, allowing for further signatures to be validated and pushing the issue on to the ballot.[3] The county supervisors still have the option to repeal the ordinance on their own before it is officially placed on the August ballot.[4]