Montana Corporate Contributions to Ballot Issues, IR-114 (1998)

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The Montana Corporate Contributions to Ballot Issues Referendum, also known as IR-114, was on the November 3, 1998 ballot in Montana as a veto referendum, where it was approved. The measure approved House Bill 575 which prohibited all contributions to ballot issue campaigns, to include tax-exempt organization.[1][2]


While approved by voters in the IR-114, HB 575 was eventually ruled unconstitutional.[1]

Election results

Montana IR-114 (1998)
Approveda Yes 161,476 52.79%

Note: The actual language of the ballot of the veto referendum asked whether voters approved or rejected HB575. Therefore, in the above chart, "yes" means "approve" and "no" means "reject."[1]

Election results via: Montana Secretary of State

Text of measure

The language that appeared on the ballot:[3]

In 1996, Montana voters passed Initiative 125, prohibiting - except from certain non-profit corporations with no for-profit corporate members - direct corporate spending toward the support or defeat of ballot issues, and setting voluntary spending limits for ballot issue committees. The 1997 legislature passed House Bill 575, amending I-125 to prohibit all contributions to ballot issue campaigns by corporations, partnerships, associations, and tax-exempt organizations, except from a separate political fund created through voluntary contributions by shareholders, employees, or members. It amends the definition of "expenditures" by political committees, for purposes of voluntary spending limits, to remove reference to loans received by committees. A "yes" vote approves House Bill 575, amending Initiative 125 to prohibit contributions or expenditures by all corporations, associations, and tax-exempt organizations in connection with ballot issue campaigns; a "no" vote rejects House Bill 575.


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