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Montclair school district referendum races against the clock

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September 18, 2009

MONTCLAIR, New Jersey: Residents and petition organizers of potential referendum are racing to meet a September 29,2009 deadline to submit signatures after the county clerk stated the group were circulating two different petitions with different wording, thus leaving the group short of signature requirements.

Instead of legally challenging the decision of the clerk, the committee had collected 570 signatures two weeks before the deadline. Optimistic that they would meet signature requirements on time, the committee collected signatures at local events. According to organizer Pegi Adam: “We’re optimistic, and we’re committed to getting this done.” With 570 signatures collected, the group needs 400 more to meet the minimum amount necessary.[1]

The referendum, if placed and enacted on the November 3, 2009 ballot, would alter the way school board members are placed in office. Currently, the mayor appoints the members, however, the referendum would allow voters to select the members instead.

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