Monte Sereno City Council Recall, 2009

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An effort to recall three members of the Monte Sereno City Council took place in 2009.[1] The recall effort did not make it to the ballot. The recall effort targeted Mayor Curtis Wright and council members Don Perry and Lana Malloy.


Those leading the recall objected to the fact that Wright, Perry and Malloy voted to give themselves a $300 monthly stipend for their work on the city council. Some of those targeted for recall had made other unpopular decisions in recent years, such as the events surrounding the Padgett lawsuit, which led to a fine being levied against the city for more than $4 million, which exceeded the city's annual budget. In that lawsuit, a court ruled that Mayor Wright had violated the civil rights of the Padgetts.[2]

Monte Sereno, located in Santa Clara County, has a population of around 3,500.

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