Montgomery County, Tennessee

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Budget Y
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Meetings Y
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Elected Officials Y
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Administrative Officials Y
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Permits, zoning Y
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Audits Y
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Contracts P
Lobbying N
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Public records Y
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Local taxes Y
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Transparency grading process
Montgomery County is one of 95 counties in Tennessee. It is a member of the National Association of Counties, a government sector lobbying association.[1]

The 2010 census reported the population at 172,331, making it the fifth largest county in Tennessee. It is also one of four counties included in the TN-KY Metropolitan Statistical Area. The county is named for John Montgomery, a settler who founded the city of Clarksville.[2]

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Tennessee county websites
  • The current budget is published and previous budgets are available for the last three years[3]
  • The calendar of meetings, meeting agendas, and minutes are available and archived at least three years[4]
  • Names of elected officials, individual email address, individual phone numbers, and a physical address is available[5]
  • Names of administrative officials, individual email address[6] individual phone numbers, and a physical address is available[7]
  • Permit applications are available for download[8] and zoning ordinances are available[9]
  • The current audit is published and previous audits are available for the last three years[10]
  • Bids are posted[11]
  • A public records contact is available[12] and public records policies are available in a central location[13]
  • Tax revenues are available[14] and tax rates are published[15]

The bad

  • Contracts over $10,000 are kept on file, but not made public online.[16]
  • A list of employed lobbyists, memberships to lobbying organizations, and associated fees are unavailable.
  • Does not disclose if belongs to government sector lobbying associations.
  • Information on how to make a public records request is not provided on the site.

Elected Officials

Name Title
Carolyn Bowers Mayor
John Gannon District 1 Commissioner
Keith Politi District 2 Commissioner
Edward Baggett District 3 Commissioner
Mark Riggins District 4 Commissioner
Robert Gibbs, Jr. District 5 Commissioner
Dalton Harrison District 6 Commissioner
John Fuson District 7 Commissioner
Ronald Sokol District 8 Commissioner
John Genis District 9 Commissioner
Martha Brockman District 10 Commissioner
Joe Creek District 11 Commissioner
Nick Robards District 12 Commissioner
Lettie Kendall District 13 Commissioner
Tommy Vallejos District 14 Commissioner
Loretta Bryant District 15 Commissioner
Robert Nichols District 16 Commissioner
Jeremy Bowles District 17 Commissioner
Glen Demorest District 18 Commissioner
Charles Keene District 19 Commissioner
Mark Banasiak District 20 Commissioner
Jerry Allbert District 21 Commissioner
Betty Burchett Assessor of Property
Cheryl Castle Circuit Court Clerk
Kellie Jackson County Clerk
Mike Frost Highway Supervisor
Connie Bell Register of Deeds
Norman Lewis Sheriff
Brenda Radford Trustee
Laurence McMillian Chancellor

Administrative Officials

Name Title
Erinne Hester Director Accounts and Budgets
Missy Davis Purchasing Director
Sheryl Gossard Human Resources Director
Pete Reed Bi-County Landfill Director
Elizabeth Black Public Information Administration Director
Sherry Robertson Adult Probation
Jill Hastings-Johnson Archives
Clinton Camp Building Maintenance
Rod Streeter Codes Compliance
Vickie Koelman Election Commission
Steve Jones Emergency Management
Mike Frost Highways Department
Kurt Bryant Information Systems
Jerry Allbert Parks and Recreation
David Riggs Planning Commission


The beginning fund balance from FY2011—$68,340,015—in addition to revenue—$311,911,316—the total general fund for FY2012 is $311,911,316, with $323,402,549 total expenditures.

The largest expenditure is $25,226,198 for public safety (41%), followed by $11,538,938 for public health and welfare (19%), $7,016,056 for general government (11%), $5,841,192 for administration of justice (9%), $5,622,126 for finance (9%), and $4,228,746 for other operations (7%).[17]


The city of Clarksville, Montgomery County seat, received $33,475,345 in federal stimulus money in 12 grants.[18]

Local taxes

A detailed analysis of property tax rate history is available in the budget documents. Property taxes primarily fund the debt service fund (33%), followed by the general-purpose school fund (31%), the county general fund (30%), the general road fund (4%), the school transportation fund (2%), and the general purpose capital fund (1%).[19]

The assessed valuation of the current property taxes is $3,027,166,057.

City In the News

  • In March 2012, Tennessee received a “C” in the State Integrity Investigation, a report that analyzes state governments’ accountability and risk for corruption. Even with the average grade, TN ranks #8 in the nation and is cited for establishing an ethics commission six years ago, although that commission has not yet issued a single ethics penalty and complaints are not made available to the public.[20]
  • A supply officer from Clarksville, TN, Capt. Bryant Williams, was indicted in federal court for bribing contractors in Iraq and taking at least $20,000 to award favored companies more than half a million dollars in contracts for things as varied as copiers and guard towers in 2005 and 2006. Capt. Bryant allegedly demanded jewelry for his wife, cash, calling cards and other kickbacks.[21]

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