More groups come out against 2010 effort to repeal Prop 8

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December 7, 2009

LOS ANGELES, California: Courage Campaign, a progressive advocacy organization, announced on November 30 that it is opposed to moving forward with an effort to Repeal Proposition 8 in 2010. The Courage Campaign spent $200,000 on public opinion research and focus groups to provide guidance on possible ballot language. Ultimately, this led to the organization announcing that it is calling for "for more research and time to change hearts and minds before returning to the ballot."[1] Rick Jacobs, leader of the group, said they do not "see a path to victory" for 2010.[2][3]

Lambda Legal also announced in late November that it is opposed to a 2010 effort. Senior council Jennifer Pizer said a failed effort in 2010 could polarize voters and demoralize supporters of same-sex marriage.[2]

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