Most states which saw legislative chambers switch to Republican were won by Obama in 2008

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November 4, 2010

By Greg Janetka

As of early afternoon on November 4, 19 chambers in 13 states changed hands from Democratic to Republican. Out of those 13 states, 11 (84.6%) were won by Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election.[1]:

State Legislative Shift on November 2 Compared to States Won by President Obama in 2008
State won by Obama in 2008  % of popular vote won by Obama in 2008 Chambers that switched to Republican in 2010
Colorado 53.5% House
Indiana 49.9% House
Iowa 54.0% House
Maine 57.6% Senate, House
Michigan 57.4% House
Minnesota 54.2% Senate, House
New Hampshire 54.3% Senate, House
North Carolina 49.9% Senate, House
Ohio 51.2% House
Pennsylvania 54.7% House
Wisconsin 56.3% Senate, Assembly

The only two states which have seen chambers switch from Democrat to Republican which Obama did not win in 2008 are Alabama and Montana.

Republicans won 52 total chambers in the election while Democrats were victorious in only 31 chambers. Heading into the election, Democrats held a 783-member advantage in the state legislatures. Republicans now have a 523-member lead. Thus, there was a 1,306-seat swing in the state legislative elections.

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