Mount Holly Club resort referendum vote, 2009

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The Mount Holly Club resort referendum did not come to a vote on November 2009, regardless of a February 2009 ruling by the Utah Supreme Court in Save Beaver County v. Beaver County for voters in Beaver County.

In 2007, the county entered into a land-use agreement with the Mount Holly Club resort for a $3.5 billion resort. However, several Beaver County residents collected approximately 845 signatures to challenge the agreement and move the agreement to the ballot. The county proceeded to challenge the signatures.[1] The lower court agreed with the county and dismissed the signatures, however, the state Supreme Court reversed the ruling. The referendum was scheduled for the November 2009 ballot.[2]

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the County filed a notification of default against the project's main developer, Mount Holly Partners LLC. Developers owe approximately $69,000 in fees for improvements said Leo Kanell, Beaver County deputy attorney. According to reports the developers said that they blame a "national economic slowdown" for their setbacks.[3]