Multnomah County Library Taxing District Creation (November 2012)

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A Multnomah County Library Taxing District Creation measure was on the November 6, 2012 ballot in Multnomah County, where it was approved.

This measure sought to create a taxing district specifically to fund the Multnomah County library system. If approved, the district levy would be set at a rate of $1.22 per $1,000 of assessed value. Currently the libraries are funded through renewable levies.[1] On August 2, the County Commission voted unanimously to place the taxing district question on the November ballot.[2]

Election results

Measure 143
Approveda Yes 199,245 62.61%

Election results from Multnomah County, Current Election Results

Text of measure

Language on the ballot:

Shall there be a dedicated library district fund for Multnomah County library hours, services; rate limited to $1.24 per $1,000 assessed value beginning 2013?[3][4]


Those in favor of the permanent taxing district for the libraries stated at the commission meeting held before the vote to place the measure on the ballot that they saw the support of the renewable levy in May as a sign by county residents that they wanted to support library services. Also stating that temporary levies are too uncertain for the libraries which deserve a permanent tax.[1]


The city of Portland, through the Office of Management and Finance have stated that this would take away taxes from the city as well as from the Portland Children's Levy. This would be because property taxes are capped so if a new taxing district is created then less taxes will go to another source. They also stated that the tax increase would go towards the county general fund rather than to fund libraries in the county.[5]

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