Natick Town Bond Proposals, 2 (March 2010)

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Two Natick Town Bond Proposals measure were on the March 30 election in the town of Natick, in Middlesex County.

Both measures were approved
High School Bond: 7,110 in favor and 1,349 against.
Senior Center Bond: 5,392 in favor and 2,869 against.[1]

There were two proposed bond issues on the ballot for voters in the town of Natick, one was for the construction of a new community Senior Center and the other for a new High School in the town. Both bond proposals will raise local property taxes, approximate 77 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value together, but proponents of both measures felt that the time was right to go ahead with these new projects. Advocates for the new High School were adamant that the current facility could not continue to support students and needed major upgrades in technology. If the bond proposal had been defeated, instead of a new High School, residents would have instead paid for renovations to occur at the current one. Proponents for the new Senior Center cited small facilities and outdated technology as the main reason a new building was needed.[2]