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The Nebraska Legislative Fiscal Division is a nonpartisan legislative service agency handling the fiscal analysis and research needs for members and staff of the Nebraska Legislature.

Mission Statement

The primary function of the Legislative Fiscal Office is to help the Legislature analyze state government financial and program issues. Specific roles and responsibilities in meeting this objective are defined in statute, linking office functions to the responsibilities of the Legislature's Appropriations and Revenue Committees, and by the Rules of the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature[1].

Services offered

Fiscal notes

The Nebraska Legislative Fiscal Division develops a fiscal note which is required for each bill introduced in the Nebraska Legislature. All notes must be done before any public hearings are held on the matter. They can be revised as bills face amendments[2].

Nebraska budget

The Fiscal Division of the Nebraska Legislature works as the staff of the Legislature Appropriations Committee to develop the Nebraska Budget. Also, the Fiscal Division handles all analysis of state agencies and handles any appropriation requests from state agencies[3].

Revenue Estimating

The Legislative Fiscal Division is responsible for providing forecasts of tax revenues coming into the State of Nebraska. This allows for advance state budget planning into the next biennium as the state budget is done every two years[4].

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