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Nebraska Spending Limit Amendment, Initiative Measure 423 (2006)

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Nebraska Constitution
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The Nebraska Spending Limit Amendment, also known as Initiative Measure 423, was an initiated constitutional amendment on the November 7, 2006 general election ballot in Nebraska, where it was defeated.

If Measure 423 had been approved, it would have imposed a limit on the extent to which the state budget could grow every year. The limit of the allowable growth would have been based on a calculation involving previous appropriations, the rate of inflation and the extent of population change in the state.

Election results

Initiative 423 (Nebraska Spending Limit)
Defeatedd No406,41966.6%
Yes 172,859 28.3%

Official results via: Nebraska Blue Book 2008-09 (p.264)

Text of measure

The language that appeared on the ballot:

A vote "FOR" will amend the Nebraska Constitution to impose a state spending limit based upon a calculation involving previous appropriations, the inflation rate and population change in Nebraska.
A vote "AGAINST" will not amend the Nebraska Constitution to impose such a state spending limit.
Shall the Nebraska Constitution be amended to limit state spending based upon a calculation involving previous appropriations, the inflation rate and population change? The Legislature could seek voter authorization to exceed the spending limit. Appropriations subject to the limit would not include emergency appropriations and appropriations of monies from the federal government, monies from nongovernmental entities, proceeds from the sale of property, monies dedicated to pro-rata taxpayer relief and refunds, monies from user charges, income from certain permanent funds such as endowment and pension funds, and surplus funds held in reserve. Taxpaying residents could enforce the spending limit.[1]


The initiative was one of three that appeared on the Nebraska general election ballot in November 2006. Had it passed, it would have created a new constitutional amendment in the Nebraska Constitution, that would have put a TABOR cap on the rate of future growth of the state government's budget.

Supporters and donations

Mike Groene was the chair of the Nebraska Stop Overspending Committee and was its representative to the media.


The former city administrator of Norfolk, NE, Michael Nolan, was fined $1,000 for using his publicly funded email address to send messages opposing the measures to Lynn Rex, executive director of the Nebraska League of Municipalities.[2]

Campaign finance

Donors to the campaign for the measure:[3]

  • Stop Over Spending Nebraska: $1,572,420
  • Committee for State Stewardship: $154,414
  • Total: $1,726,834

Donors to the campaign against the measure:

  • Nebraskans Against 423: $2,425,089
  • Nebraska Taxpayers Against 423: $99,513
  • Stop Initiative 423: $7,250
  • Total: $2,531,852
  • Overall Total: $4,258,686

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