Nebraska voter verification goes electronic

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November 11, 2009

HALL COUNTY, Nebraska: According to reports, voter turnout was low in Hall County, but that didn’t stop the state of Nebraska from reaching an election milestone on November 3. When voters made their way to the polls, it was the first time electronic voting books were used. Although the procedure has been used in other states, Nebraska had never implemented it, until now.[1]

When some residents entered a local high school to vote, election workers swiped their drivers license, which verified their name and address, then voters signed their name onto the electronic pad. According to Hall County Commissioner Dale Baker: "This is just a different way to accumulate that particular history. It's a little bit easier for poll workers because they don't have to flip through poll books and look for your name, which is sometimes a bit slow. This is a lot faster and a lot more efficient."

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