Nevada Abortion Statute Referendum, Question 7 (1990)

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The Nevada Abortion Statute Referendum Question, also known as Question 7, was a veto referendum on the November 6, 1990 election ballot in Nevada, where the statute under question was approved.

Election results

Question 7 (Abortion Statute Referendum)
Approveda Yes 200,645 63.5%

Note: Question 7 asked voters whether they approved of statute NRS 442.250, so a "Yes" vote meas "Approve" and a "No" vote means "Disapprove."

Official results via: Nevada Legislative Counsel Bureau - Research Division

Text of measure

The language that appeared on the ballot:

Shall the statute NRS 442.250, "Conditions under which abortion permitted," be approved?[1]

The language that appeared in the voter's guide:

If this proposal is approved, NRS 442.250, the existing Nevada statute regulating abortion, will remain in effect and cannot be amended, repealed or otherwise changed, except by a direct vote of the people. If this proposal is disapproved, the existing statute will be void and of no effect, and the Legislature will then have to decide what, if any, law will replace it.
The existing statute permits a woman to have an abortion performed by a physician within 24 weeks after the commencement of the pregnancy. A physician may perform an abortion after 24 weeks only to preserve the life or health of the pregnant woman.
A "Yes" vote is a vote to approve the existing statute. A "No" vote is a vote to disapprove the existing statute.
Financial Impact-No. Approval of this proposal will affirm by referendum currently existing state law; therefore, it will have no financial impact. The financial impact of the defeat of this proposal, if any, is indeterminate.[1]

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