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The New America Foundation is a public policy institute based in Washington, D.C. that also has a significant presence in California. It was launched in 1999. Its founding president was Ted Halstead and its current president and CEO is Steve Coll.

According to the New America Foundation, the country faces challenges in the areas of education, health care, and the environment, along with fiscal policy. It says:

"Too often, these challenges have proven impervious to conventional party politics and incremental proposals. With an emphasis on big ideas, impartial analysis and pragmatic solutions, New America invests in outstanding individuals whose ability to communicate to wide and influential audiences can change the country's policy discourse in critical areas, bringing promising new ideas and debates to the fore."

"New America in California"

The Foundation has a special focus on California politics and governance. It reserves a section of its website for what it calls "New America in California," where it focuses on issues such "its call for a fundamental overhaul of California's dysfunctional electoral system."

Initiative process

Two of the Foundation's fellows/staff have a special interest in ballot initiatives.

Forum on IRV

The New America Foundation, along with California Common Cause, hosted a summit in June 2009 in San Jose to discuss a proposed San Jose Instant Runoff Voting Charter Amendment.[2]

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