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September 21, 2011

New Hampshire

CONCORD, New Hampshire: A local election to fill the vacant Representative District 3 was held on September 20. The special election was called because the seat was vacated in March, Robert Huxley had held the seat. The race was between David L. Simpson, the Republican choice, and Peter Leishman, the democratic choice. Leishman had been a state representative previously, before being voted out with the large Republican win in the past election.[1] Leishman was the winner in the election, with 1,629 in favor and 984 against.[2]

A local election will also be held on October 25 in the city of Exeter. The proposed measure to be voted on is whether or not a twelve member municipal budget committee should be created. A recent town meeting held on September 17 saw heated debates on both sides about the pros and cons of the proposed committee. While those against noted that Selectmen and School Board officials are elected to oversee budget issues, the need for another committee seemed superfluous. But those in favor stated that the committee would add another layer of checks and balances to the budget system in the city. Also that the Selectmen often do not have the time needed to go through the budget and give it more attention that it requires. If approved, the budget committee would meet year round to address the budget and would have the power to make binding changes to it as they saw fit.[3]

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