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Two statewide ballot questions were certified for the November 5, 2013 statewide ballot in New Jersey. Both of the measures were approved by voters.

New Jersey allows only legislatively-referred constitutional amendments to appear on the ballot. In other words, a constitutional amendment appears on the state's ballot as a ballot measure because the state legislature voted to put it before the voters. Specifically, this requires supermajority vote of 60% from both houses of the legislature. Measures can also qualify for the ballot if the same amendment is approved in successive sessions by a simple majority.

In addition to the two measures certified for the ballot in 2013, the Open Space Preservation Funding Amendment was approved by the New Jersey Senate, however only by a simple majority. The measure still has a chance to appear on a 2014 ballot if it is approved by at least a simple majority.

New Jersey's state legislative session began January 10, 2013 and concluded on January 13, 2014. New Jersey has a full-time legislature therefore it meets throughout the year.

Topics on the New Jersey ballot included veterans and minimum wage. 2013 marks the first year that minimum wage has appeared on the ballot in New Jersey. Veteran issues last appeared on the ballot in 1999 when voters approved property tax deductions for veterans. The topic of gambling and gambling funds, however, has appeared on the ballot at least three times in New Jersey. Most recently, voters voted on New Jersey Sports Betting Amendment, Public Question 1 in 2011.

Historical facts

  • Since 1995, an average of 2 measures have appeared on the ballot in New Jersey. Therefore, 2013 was an average year.
  • Since 1995, 33 of 36 or 91.7% of New Jersey ballot measures have been approved by voters.
  • Conversely, 3 of 36 or 8.3% of statewide measures have been defeated since 1995.
  • Since 1995, there have only been two years, 2007 and 2008, in which voters rejected at least one measure.

On the ballot

November 5, 2013:

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Public Question 1 Veterans Allows veterans' organizations to use money collected from existing games of chance to support their organizations Approveda
LRCA Public Question 2 Minimum wage Increases the state minimum wage Approveda

Not on ballot

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Open Space Preservation Funding Amendment Environment Provides funding for open space land preservation in the state Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot
LRSS "Death with Dignity" Act Assisted death Would allow citizens who are terminally ill to end their lives through a lethal dose of medication Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot

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