New Jersey legislators try to avert government shutdown

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June 7, 2010

By Kyle Maichle

TRENTON, New Jersey: Legislators in New Jersey are in a game of beat the clock with the state budget as they try to avert a shutdown of the state government. The New Jersey Legislature must have a state budget in place by June 30th which is the deadline set by the state's Constitution to avoid a government shutdown[1].

In order to avoid a government shutdown, legislators on both the Republican and Democrat sides are working towards a compromise budget. The budget would still preserve most of Governor Chris Christie's budget cuts intact which amount to $29.3 billion dollars. However, legislators in their compromise budget would add more libraries and keep the Sunday blue laws intact in Bergen County that ban stores from being open on Sundays[1].

Some current New Jersey lawmakers were part of the last state government shutdown in 2006[1]. Lawmakers and former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine were deadlocked over the state budget that year resulting in the budget not being passed by the constitutional deadline. The stalemate resulted in a shutdown in the state's government in which lawmakers would like to avoid in 2010[1].

The legislature would like to have a budget approved by June 24th to ensure Governor Christie's signature by July 1st[1].

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