New Jersey town to vote on moving date of municipal elections

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August 17, 2009

DELRAN, New Jersey: Delran voters in New Jersey will get a chance this November to change their municipal election date from May to November. In addition to changing the date, the move would also make the elections for that town partisan elections. Delran, along with eighty other towns in New Jersey, utilize elections in which local candidates do not identify themselves via party affiliations on the ballot.[1]

Supporters of the referendum state that the move would help the community save money, as towns that hold nonpartisan elections generally pay for all the equipment and expenses themselves. One council-member said in an interview that "we can no longer afford the luxury of having a May election because of how much it costs the township in extra money every year," and other administrative officials said that they expected the town to save up to $40,000 through the switch.[1] Additionally, supporters claim that the move will solve the problem, to some extent at least, to low voter turnout, although there is still some debate concerning how valid this argument is.[2]

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