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New Mexico Fifth Judicial District Court

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Unopposed  Judge Raymond Romero (Division 1)
Unopposed  Judge James Hudson (Division 6)
Unopposed  Judge Kea Riggs (Division 8)
Unopposed  Judge Lee A. Kirksey (Division 11)
JudgeElection Vote
ShoobridgeWilliam G.W. Shoobridge 78.1% ApprovedA
BellSteven L. Bell 81.3% ApprovedA
SanchezMark Sanchez 76.2% ApprovedA
RileyLisa Riley 81.1% ApprovedA
GrayJane Shuler Gray 79.8% ApprovedA
RomeroFreddie J. Romero 75.6% ApprovedA
ClingmanGary L. Clingman 79.5% ApprovedA


CandidateIncumbencyDivisionPrimary VoteElection Vote
WilliamsLea Williams    NoDivision 925.6% 
RileyLisa Riley   ApprovedAYesDivision 974.4%ApprovedA100%   ApprovedA