New Mexico Governor to decide on a number of bills

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March 27, 2013

New Mexico

By Joel Williams

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Gov. Susana Martinez (R) has just over a week to decide on a number of bills currently sitting on her desk. One bill under the most scrutiny after passing a strict party-line vote would change the way schools are graded across the state. Proponents say that clarifying the system would greatly benefit the state and allow schools to know exactly how they can improve. Those against the legislation argue that changing the grading process could jeopardize federal funding granted by the No Child Left Behind Act. Other controversial bills include extra excused absences for pregnant girls in school and a bill allowing drunk drivers who maim or kill someone to obtain an ignition interlock license after their jail sentence, which Martinez has already vetoed in different forms twice. The New Mexico State Legislature adjourned on March 16, and Martinez has until April 5 to sign, veto, or pocket the bills.[1]

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