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New Mexico Water Trust Fund, Constitutional Amendment 3 (2006)

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New Mexico Constitution
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New Mexico Constitutional Amendment 3, pertaining to the Water Trust Fund, was on the November 7, 2006 ballot in New Mexico as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment, where it was approved.[1]

The amendment added a new section to Article 16 of the Constitution of New Mexico to create a "water trust fund" to support projects designed to preserve and protect the state's water supply. The amendment also mandated an annual distribution to support the fund.

Election results

Amendment 3
Approveda Yes 312,764 65.7%

Ballot wording

It was proposed to amend Article 16 of the constitution of New Mexico by adding a new section to read:

"A. The "water trust fund" is created in the state treasury to conserve and protect the water resources of New Mexico and to ensure that New Mexico has the water it needs for a strong and vibrant future. The purpose of the fund shall be to secure a supply of clean and safe water for New Mexico’s residents. The fund shall consist of money appropriated, donated or otherwise accrued to the fund. Money in the fund shall be invested by the state investment officer as land grant permanent funds are invested, and there shall be strict accountability and oversight measures as provided by the state investment council to ensure appropriate safety of and return on investments. Earnings from investment of the fund shall be credited to the fund. Money in the fund shall not revert or be expended for any purpose, but an annual distribution shall be made to the water project fund, which shall be used only to support critically needed projects that preserve and protect New Mexico's water supply and is in accordance with Subsection B of this section.[2]
B. On July 1, 2008 and each fiscal year thereafter, an annual distribution shall be made from the water trust fund pursuant to law, and that distribution shall then be appropriated by the legislature only for water projects consistent with a state water plan and as otherwise provided by law."[3]


John R. D'Antonio, Jr., P.E.

Chairman and State Engineer

Mr. William F. Fulginiti, Vice Chairman

Executive Director of NM Municipal League

Mr. Nelson Cordova, Secretary

NM Commission on Indian Affairs Appointee

Wm. "Bill" C. Sisneros

Executive Director of the NM Finance Authority

Ms. Paula Garcia

Representative - Acequia Water Users

Ms. Trudy Healy

Representative - Irrigation or Conservancy District Surface Water

Mr. Tom Davis

Representative - Soil & Water Conservation Districts

Ms. Denise Fort

Representative - Environmental Community

Mr. Gustavo Cordova

Executive Director of NM Association of Counties

Mr. Frank Dayish

Vice President, Navajo Nation

Mr. I. Miley Gonzalez

Director, Department of Agriculture

Dr. Bruce Thompson

Director, Department of Game and Fish

Secretary Joanna Prukop

Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department

Secretary Ron Curry

Environment Department[4]

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