New Mexico state agencies asked to cut budgets 10 percent

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December 15, 2010

Governor Susana Martinez has asked agencies to trim their budgets by about 10 percent.

SANTA FE, New Mexico: With a budget deficit of roughly $400 million next year, Governor-elect Susana Martinez (R) has requested to state agencies that they trim their budgets by 10 percent for the next fiscal year.[1]

Additionally, Martinez has asked for recommendations of low-priority programs that could be cut.

According to Danny Diaz spokesperson for Martinez, the governor "believes it is important that state government look for ways to become more efficient, and setting priorities is part of that process."[1]

The New Mexico legislative session kicks off on January 18, 2011.

The governor is required to submit a budget proposal to the legislature by January 10.[1]

Earlier this year, the state cut the budget by 3.2 percent (roughly $151 million).[2]

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