New York's 11th Congressional District elections, 2014

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New York's 11th Congressional District

General Election Date
November 4, 2014

Primary Date
June 24, 2014

Incumbent prior to election:
Michael Grimm Republican Party
Michael Grimm.jpg

Race Ratings
Cook Political Report: Lean D[1]

FairVote's Monopoly Politics: Lean R[2]
Sabato's Crystal Ball: Lean D[3]

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2014 U.S. Senate Elections

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The 11th Congressional District of New York will hold an election for the U.S. House of Representatives on November 4, 2014.

New York's 11th Congressional District is a battleground district in 2014, with The Cook Political Report labeling it a "Toss Up," and FairVote rating it as "Lean R."[4][5] Republican incumbent Michael Grimm won in 2012 with a 5 percent margin of victory, but the district voted Democratic in the 2012 presidential race, voting for President Barack Obama with a 4.3 percent margin of victory. Grimm was elected to his seat in 2010, and incumbents who have served less than four years tend to be more vulnerable than representatives who have held their seat for many years.

Another factor that may affect the outcome of this election is Michael Grimm's indictment. Grimm was charged with 20 crimes involving his restaurant, Healthalicious, including tax fraud and hiring illegal immigrants. He is also under investigation for possible campaign finance law violations. Although Grimm is claiming innocence and has stated that he will continue to run in the election, negative media attention may affect the outcome in the general election on November 4.

Candidate Filing Deadline Primary Election General Election
April 14, 2014
June 24, 2014
November 4, 2014

Primary: New York is one of 12 states to use a strictly closed primary process, in which the selection of a party's candidates in an election is limited to registered party members.[6][7][8]

Voter registration: To vote in the federal primary, voters had to register by May 30, 2014. To vote in the state primary, voters had to register by August 15, 2014.[9]

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Incumbent: Heading into the election the incumbent is Michael Grimm (R), who was first elected in 2010.

New York's 11th Congressional District is located in the southeastern portion of the state and includes Richmond County.[10]


General election candidates

June 24, 2014, primary results

Republican Party Republican Primary

Conservative Party Conservative Primary

Independence Party of America Independence Primary

Democratic Party Democratic Primary

Working Families Party Working Families Primary

Green Party Green Primary


Election results

General election

U.S. House, New York District 11 General Election, 2014
Party Candidate Vote % Votes
     Republican Michael Grimm Incumbent 0% 0
     Democratic Domenic Recchia 0% 0
     Green Henry Bardel 0% 0
Total Votes 0

Race background

Democratic Super PAC House Majority PAC listed incumbent Michael Grimm as one of 10 they are targeting as vulnerable incumbent Republicans in 2014, with the focus on those holding competitive seats.[14]


Grimm's indictment

On April 28, 2014, Michael Grimm surrendered to the FBI, facing federal charges of tax fraud related to his restaurant, Healthalicious.[15] Attorney Loretta Lynch was named to oversee the indictment.[16] Grimm had been under federal investigation for campaign finance violations, but Lynch's indictment focused instead on Grimm's restaurant business. Grimm was charged with 20 crimes, including under-reporting income in order to avoid paying taxes, "conspiracy, obstruction, mail fraud, perjury and the unlawful employment of illegal immigrants."[15] This was not the first time that Grimm had gotten into trouble for his restaurant, as Healthalicious was also charged $88,000 in January 2012 for not providing workers with compensation insurance.[17] The business was connected with his campaign as well. The Grimm company running Healthalicious was closely tied to Israeli fundraiser Ofer Biton, who communicated with Grimm on behalf of Israeli rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto. Pinto, worth close to $21 million, had many followers who contributed heavily to Grimm's successful 2010 campaign.[18] Some of Pinto's followers admitted to illegally contributing tens of thousands of dollars to Grimm's campaign.[15] Although campaign finance violations were not part of the indictment, Lynch said that the investigation was ongoing, so prosecutors could bring yet more charges on Grimm later.[19]

Throughout the case, Grimm's attorney, William McGinley, maintained that Grimm was innocent. McGinley stated, "the government has pursued a politically driven vendetta against Congressman Grimm" and "when the dust settles, he will be vindicated."[16] Grimm ran unopposed in the Republican primary for New York's 11th Congressional District, and since the filing deadline had already passed, Republicans could not nominate anyone else to run for his seat.[18] Despite calls for his resignation, Grimm said that he would not resign, and that he would continue campaigning for re-election.[20]

Diana Durand, a former girlfriend of Grimm, was arraigned on May 5, 2014, for violating campaign law in order to reimburse straw donors to Grimm's campaign. Her lawyer maintained that she did not know her actions were illegal. Regardless, this case could factor into future investigations into Grimm's campaign fundraising.[21]

The trial

On September 2, 2014, Grimm appeared in New York's Eastern District Court, where U.S. District Judge Pamela Ki Mai Chen ruled that Grimm's trial would begin on December 1, 2014.[22] Grimm's attorney's argued that the trial should be pushed back. Attorney Jeffrey Neiman stated, "We’re obviously in the heart of an election cycle right now. The Democratic party recently put new ads, or are going to begin to air, featuring the U.S. Attorney and snippets of her press conference, which will be airing in, on television here, where our jury pool will be seated... We’re concerned about ensuring Mr. Grimm has a fair trial, and if the jury sees these repeated ads, we’re concerned that there may be prejudice.”[22] Judge Chen refused to push the trial back, saying, "I don’t think given the nature of the publicity up til now and depending on what happens with the election that were necessarily going to get much of a break if I delay it by a month." Grimm is scheduled to appear in court again for a pre-trial hearing on November 20.[22]

Loss of Grimm's campaign manager

Bill Cortese, Grimm's campaign manager and the only employee working full-time on his campaign, quit after Grimm's indictment. Grimm's advisor, Guy Molinari, said that they are not concerned about the campaign, stating simply, "Bill opted to follow a different course. In every campaign, you have changes that take place."[23] Allegedly, Cortese made the decision to quit after donors cut funding to Grimm's campaign. According to an unnamed person familiar with the campaign, organizations such as the National Republican Congressional Committee denied aid to Grimm's campaign after the indictment, and with such drastic decreases to his budget, Grimm could no longer afford to pay Cortese's salary.[24]


Domenic Recchia

Domenic Recchia has received the following endorsements:

Michael Grimm

Michael Grimm has received the following endorsements:


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Campaign themes

Michael Grimm

Michael Grimm lists his positions on various issues on his campaign website. The following are excerpts from Grimm's website:[29]

  • Jobs & the Economy: "It is clear from the slow growth of our economy, the tax and spend policies put forth by President Obama have failed. From the healthcare law to unachievable EPA standards, the onslaught of job-killing regulations coming out of the Obama Administration are hurting the small businesses of Staten Island and Brooklyn and keeping them from growing and creating jobs."
  • Transportation: "As residents of New York City, we rely heavily on public transportation, but it seems that too often we get the short end of the stick when it comes to services. Staten Island remains the only borough without a free road in and out, our public transportation options are limited, and our roads remain congested as residents face some of the longest commute times in the country. That is why I have made improving public transportation and reducing the costs a top priority."
  • Energy and Environment: "Between tax increases and toll hikes, rising gas and energy prices add insult to injury and put further strain on our ever-tightening budgets. In order to lower energy costs, I support an all-of-the-above approach to energy that reduces our dependence on foreign oil; generates American jobs by tapping into resources here at home; and provides incentives to create clean, renewable, and efficient energy options."
  • U.S. Foreign Policy: "We are at a crucial time when it comes to U.S. foreign policy. There are no easy answers, but it is clear that our foreign policy and national defense must be stronger and more strategic. Since 9/11, the threat of terrorism here and abroad remains high, and our relationships with key allies are more important than ever before."
  • National Security and Defense: "When I was 19, I joined the U.S. Marine Corps and learned from an early age the importance of defending our great nation abroad. As an FBI agent, I learned to defend it at home. New York City remains the #1 terrorist target in the nation, which is why I will not cave when it comes to supporting a strong national defense policy."


—Michael Grimm, Campaign website (archive)

Henry Bardel

Henry Bardel's campaign website listed the five laws that would be his top priorities if elected:[31]

  1. I will immediately sponsor a law to bring home our troops from Afghanistan and stop all drone attacks that are antagonizing people all over the world against the United States.
  2. I will sponsor laws that will subsidize research on how we can make green energy cheaper and more productive. Green energy like wind, solar, geothermal, biomass power, hydro power, hydrogen power and ocean energy so that we can stop global warming with green house gases caused by the burning of coal, oil and gas.
  3. I will immediately sponsor a Single Payer Health Care Law that will cover all Americans from cradle to grave. It will function like Medicare and will be basically Medicare for all.
  4. I will sponsor a bill that will recreate Revenue Sharing. Revenue Sharing is where the Federal Government gives money to the State and local governments to help pay for State and local services like Education, to hire teachers, Police and Fire protection. Revenue Sharing will reduce real estate taxes. I will also sponsor a Federal Law that will pay off all student loans.
  5. I will sponsor laws that will create a jobs program like the WPA which we had in the 1930’s. I will also create a stimulus package that will rebuild and repair our crumbling infrastructure. For instance the law will provide money for road repair, bridge repair, the building of schools, government buildings and parks.


—Henry Bardel, Campaign website (archive)

Key votes

Government affairs

HR 676

See also: Boehner's lawsuit against the Obama administration

Yea3.png On July 30, 2014, the U.S. House approved a resolution 225 to 201 to sue President Barack Obama for exceeding his constitutional authority. Five Republicans--Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Paul Broun of Georgia, Scott Garrett of New Jersey, Walter Jones of North Carolina and Steve Stockman of Texas-- voted with Democrats against the lawsuit.[32] Grimm joined the other 224 Republicans in favor of the lawsuit. All Democrats voted against the resolution.[33][34]


General election polls

General election candidates
Poll Michael Grimm (R) Domenic Recchia (D)Henry Bardel (G)UndecidedMargin of ErrorSample Size
Siena College Research Institute
September 9-14, 2014
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Michael Grimm vs. Domenic Recchia
Poll Michael Grimm (R) Domenic Recchia (D)UndecidedMargin of ErrorSample Size
GBA Strategies
September 2014
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Campaign contributions

Michael Grimm

Candidates for Congress are required to file up to seven main reports with the Federal Election Commission during the 2014 elections season. Below are Grimm’s reports.[35]

Michael Grimm (2014) Campaign Finance Reports
ReportDate FiledBeginning BalanceTotal Contributions
for Reporting Period
ExpendituresCash on Hand
April Quarterly[36]April 17, 2013$88,588.38$320,859.67$(107,495.43)$301,952.62
July Quarterly[37]July 15, 2013$301,952.62$439,298.44$(164,517.83)$576,733.23
October Quarterly[38]October 15, 2013$576,733.23$350,719.06$(99,740.58)$827,711.71
Year-End Quarterly[39]December 31, 2013$827,711$327,726$(122,412)$1,032,532
April Quarterly[40]April 15, 2014$1,032,532.38$346,347.17$(201,284.54)$1,177,595.01
Pre-Primary[41]June 12, 2014$1,177,595.01$47,382.14$(222,722.240)$1,002,254.91
July Quarterly[42]July 15, 2014$1,002,254.91$23,430.00$(13,104.07)$1,012,580.84
October Quarterly[43]October 15, 2014$1,012,580.84$89,568.49$(477,218.84)$624,930.49
Pre-General[44]October 23, 2014$624,930.49$8,938.00$(308,515.66)$325,352.83
Running totals

Domenic Recchia

Candidates for Congress are required to file up to seven main reports with the Federal Election Commission during the 2014 elections season. Below are Recchia's reports.[45]

Domenic Recchia (2014) Campaign Finance Reports
ReportDate FiledBeginning BalanceTotal Contributions
for Reporting Period
ExpendituresCash on Hand
April Quarterly[46]April 15, 2013$0.00$412,036.00$(4,742.54)$407,293.46
July Quarterly[47]October 15, 2013$407,293.46$305,220.32$(46,441.83)$666,071.95
October Quarterly[48]January 30, 2014$666,071.95$300,564.44$(66,337.04)$900,299.35
Year-End[49]January 31, 2014$900,299.35$191,927.06$(100,343.46)$991,882.95
April Quarterly[50]April 15, 2014$991,882.95$206,412.82$(132,352.80)$1,065,942.97
Running totals

Erick Salgado

Candidates for Congress are required to file up to seven main reports with the Federal Election Commission during the 2014 elections season. Below are Salgado's reports before he was disqualified from running in the primary.[51]

Erick Salgado (2014) Campaign Finance Reports
ReportDate FiledBeginning BalanceTotal Contributions
for Reporting Period
ExpendituresCash on Hand
April Quarterly[52]April 14, 2014$0.00$3,000.00$(0.00)$3,000.00
Running totals


Michael Grimm

DCCC ad attacking Michael Grimm

District history

Candidate ballot accecss
Ballot Access Requirements Final.jpg

Find detailed information on ballot access requirements in all 50 states and Washington D.C.


On November 6, 2012, Michael Grimm (R) won re-election to the United States House. He ran in the 11th District due to redistricting. He defeated Mark Murphy (D) in the general election.

U.S. House, New York District 11 General Election, 2012
Party Candidate Vote % Votes
     Democratic Mark Murphy 43% 92,428
     Republican Green check mark transparent.pngMichael Grimm Incumbent 48% 103,118
     Green Henry Bardel 0.9% 1,939
     N/A Blank/Void/Scattering 8% 17,270
Total Votes 214,755
Source: New York State Board of Elections "U.S. House of Representatives Results"


On November 2, 2010, Yvette D. Clarke won re-election to the United States House. She defeated Hugh C. Carr (R) in the general election.[54]

U.S. House, New York District 11 General Election, 2010
Party Candidate Vote % Votes
     Democratic Green check mark transparent.pngYvette D. Clarke incumbent 84.7% 104,297
     Republican Hugh C. Carr 7.4% 9,119
     N/A Write-in 7.9% 9,759
Total Votes 123,175

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