New poll shows some Ohio voters want Senate Bill 5 gone

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May 18, 2011


Ohio: As the proposed referendum on Senate Bill 5 circulates, some pollsters aren't waiting until November to get voters' opinions on the newly passed law. Senate Bill 5 most notably prevents unions from charging "fair share" dues to employees who opt out. The process to place the referendum on the ballot for voters to decide is currently taking place. The group behind the referendum effort is the political action committee We Are Ohio.

On May 18, 2011, a poll by Quinnipiac University was released asking voters whether they supported or opposed Senate Bill 5. The poll surveyed 1,379 registered state voters, and had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.6 percentage points. Results of the poll showed that 36 percent favored the bill, while 54 percent opposed it, with 10 percent undecided.

Governor of Ohio John Kasich is a supporter of Senate Bill 5, however, which he signed on March 31, 2011. Rebecca Heimlich, state director of Americans for Prosperity, claimed that her group is currently working to find a way to best raise money to support SB5 if a referendum is placed before voters. Meanwhile, Chris Littleton, president of the Ohio Liberty Council, stated that his group would support Senate Bill 5, should a referendum make the ballot.[1]

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