Newberg City Charter Amendment (November 2011)

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A Newberg City Charter Amendment measure was on the November 8, 2011 ballot in the city of Newberg which is in Yamhill County.

This measure was defeated

  • YES 1,525 (34.19%)
  • NO 2,883 (64.63%)Defeatedd[1]

This measure sought to amend the city charter so that a special election would be held if an increase in taxes is sought, five or more electors would be able to request the election.[2] Opposition to this measure noted that the proposed amendment would give too much power to special interest groups, that only needing five people to initiate a vote was far too few and the proposed measure could have been a better option for the city if officials had worked with the petitioner instead. Though those in favor said that while the measure was not perfect, it still would have been better to approve it now and have the power and then amend it to better suit the needs of residents.[3]

Text of measure

The question on the ballot:

Should charter require special election to approve increases in taxes, fees, other charges whenever requested by five or more electors?[4]