North Dakota ballot measure proposals continue to stack up for the 2012 ballot

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February 15, 2011

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BISMARK, North Dakota: The petition drive deadline is more than a year away but already North Dakota has a slew of ballot measures proposals for the 2012 statewide ballot.

At least two legislative referrals have been filed. One would reserve earnings from the state's "foundation aid stabilization fund" for annual scholarships. The other would revoke the authority for the poll tax and remove offensive language.

Proposed citizen initiatives however, cover more topics than just state budgets and taxes. An estimated eight initiatives have been filed and range from alcohol and term limit changes to redistricting commissions and firework sale and distribution.

The full list of proposed measures can be read here.

State signature requirements require that proposed initiated state statutes and veto referenda collect a minimum of 13,452 signatures, while initiated constitutional amendments need 26,904. The deadline to submit signatures for the June 12th ballot in North Dakota was March 14, 2012, while the deadline to submit signatures for the November 6th ballot was August 8, 2012.[1]

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  1. Confirmed via email with the North Dakota Secretary of State on January 24, 2011