North Dakota fielding a slim ballot with only 2 measures

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October 15, 2010

BISMARK, North Dakota: North Dakotans will see a very slim ballot this fall. Compared to ballots in the last year, 2010 proves to be the slimmest with only two measures certified. An average of four measures have appeared on even-numbered election ballots in the last decade.

Following an early September state Supreme Court ruling that officially booted a proposed pharmacy initiative, North Dakota Attorney General Al Jaeger solidified the ballot.

Measure 1 calls for the creation of state legacy fund for the deposit of certain oil and gas tax revenues. 2010 marks the second year voters will see a measure on the ballot to establish the state legacy fund. The 2008 question involving the creation of a oil tax trust fund failed on a 2 to 1 margin. The difference between the 2008 Oil Tax Trust Fund and 2010 Legacy Fund measures is that the state treasurer was given full authority to determine the amount of money to be deposited into the fund if the 2008 measure was approved. The 2010 measure has a fixed requirement of 30 percent which is mandated if the measure is approved.

Measure 2 asks voters to ban fenced hunting, such as game preserves where people pay to shoot privately owned farmed elk and deer. It does not ban the hunting of buffalo on game preserves. The same ballot initiative was proposed in 2008, North Dakota Captive Hunting Petition, but supporters failed to collect sufficient valid signatures to place the initiative on the ballot.

Measure 2 is facing opposition from Farm Bureau, Farmers Union, Stockman's Association and the North Dakota Citizens to Preserve Property Rights.

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