North Dakota property tax initiative qualifies for June 2012 ballot

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May 2, 2011

BISMARCK, North Dakota: One month following petition signature submissions, Secretary of State Al Jaeger confirmed that the proposed property tax amendment will be headed to the June 2012 statewide ballot.[1] The measure will appear as Measure 2 on the June ballot and marks the fourth measure certified for a 2012 ballot in the state.

The initiated constitutional amendment proposes eliminating property taxes throughout the state, starting in 2012. Specifically, the measure requires legislature to replace local governments' property tax income with state tax revenue.[2]

The measure was previously proposed for the 2010 ballot but failed to submit signatures. Despite being filed in 2010, the petition was valid until March 29, 2011. According to new census numbers, the measure now requires a minimum of 26,904 valid signatures in order to qualify for the 2012 ballot.[3] Supporters of the proposed measure submitted an estimated 27,800 signatures. On April 29 Jaeger reported that the measure had more than 28,000 valid signatures thus qualifying the measure for the statewide ballot.[1]

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