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Northampton Community College-Monroe asks for loan

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September 26, 2009

MONROE COUNTY, Pennsylvania:In November, voters will be able to decide on whether or not the city should help the Northampton Community College campus construction.

During the November election, voters will be asked whether $31 million in debt should be implemented to pay for “financing the construction and equipping of facilities for a new Monroe County campus.”

The college has designed a new 200,000 square foot facility to replace the current site. Reasons for the new building include the crowded capacity of the original building. Included in the new site is the library, tutoring center, two connected classroom buildings and a student life center. The new building will also house 5,000 students, more than double than the current building.

NCC President Arthur Scott: "We must now take our case to the public through the referendum process. Last November was historic for our country. I'm hopeful this November will be historic for Monroe County."[1]

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