Northshore School District Renewal Levy, 2 (February 2010)

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There were two Northshore School District Replacement Levy measures on the February 9 ballot in King and Snohomish Counties for voters in the Northshore school district.

Both measures were approved in Snohomish County.
Proposition 1

  • YES 6,205 (67.72%)Approveda
  • NO 2,958 (32.28%)

Proposition 2

  • YES 6,154 (67.03%)Approveda
  • NO 3,027 (32.97%)[1]

The first measure sought to renew an existing levy that was set to expire in order to further funding maintenance and operation costs in the district. The levy will be in place for a further four years and will be at a rate of $1.89 per $1,000 of assessed value.

The second measure sought to add an additional $.28 to the current levy for a further four years in order to help fund technology improvements and modernizations and train staff.[2]


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