Norton City Charter Amendments, 7 (November 2011)

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Seven Norton City Charter Amendment measures were on the November 8, 2011 ballot in the city of Norton which is in Summit and Wayne Counties.

All seven measures were approved[1]

The seven charter amendments included making it so that vacant on the Council would be filled by a resident from the appropriate part of the city, ensuring that the Council gives 24 hours notice before a special meeting is held and requiring the Board of Control to approve agreements over $25,000. Term limits will also be eliminated for volunteers on the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning and Park and Cemetery Board. Term limits in place for these boards is set at two years. The last amendment would extend the filing deadline from 75 to 90 days before an election. Council members noted that no residents spoke out against these measures during the two public hearings held before they were placed on the ballot.[2]