November 5, 2013 ballot measures in Ohio

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Note: The following is not an exhaustive list of ballot measures on the November 5 ballot in Ohio. It merely contains notable measures.

Ballotpedia covered two notable local measures for the November 5, 2013 ballot in Ohio. Only one of these measures, the proposed pension reform charter amendment in Cincinnati, made it to the ballot. The referendum on the Cincinnati parking privatization was booted from the ballot by a court decision resulting from a lawsuit filed by the city against those who gathered the referendum signatures. The referendum was an effort by those who opposed the new $92 million parking contract with the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority voted into law by the city council to allow voters a chance to either overturn the council's decision or re-approve the parking contract.

The notable measure that were seen on the ballot by Cincinnati voters was Issue 4, which was an initiative put on the ballot through a signature petition drive backed by a committee called Cincinnati for Pension Reform. Issue 4 sought to convert the pension system for new city employees from a defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan, implement contribution caps for the city, make cost of living adjustments compatible with actual increases in the consumer price index, with a cap at 3% annually, and prohibit city employees from earning income from a city or government job while also simultaneously receiving retirement benefit payments.

Local ballot measures


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Defeatedd Issue 4: Cincinnati Pension Reform Charter Amendment Initiative
Proposed ballot measures that were not on a ballot Cincinnati Parking Privatization Contract Referendum (November 2013)