Oakland Jobs and Housing Coalition

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Oakland Jobs and Housing Coalition
The Jobs and Housing Coalition (JHC) is a non-profit organization that is composed of top executives of major employers and home-builders in Oakland, California. JHC believes that creating good jobs and quality housing will help to make Oakland a great place to live.[1] "JHC’s mission is to create and sustain a business friendly public policy environment that promotes quality jobs, retail and housing."[2] JHC acts as a resource to elected and appointed government officials as well as educate the public on policy and political issues that effect Oakland.[2]

Core issues

  • Reduce crime
  • Attract high end retail
  • Create high paying jobs
  • Build quality homes for residents[3]


JHC's Executive Board Members consist of some of Oakland's most important business leaders. "Gregory McConnell is the President and CEO and primary policy advocate for the organization."[4]