Official Virginia candidate list remains unreleased

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July 5, 2011

By Geoff Pallay


RICHMOND, Virginia: Three weeks have passed since the signature filing deadline for state legislative candidates in Virginia although no unofficial or official comprehensive candidate list has been released.

There are four states holding general elections in 2011, with a total of 578 seats up for election. In the two other states that have had signature filing deadlines thus far this year -- Mississippi and New Jersey -- an unofficial list at minimum was released within 24 hours of the deadline.

The only documents currently available in Virginia detail the districts where a primary has been called because there are multiple candidates (Democratic (dead link), Republican (dead link)). If comprehensive, the list reveals that a very small number of primaries in Virginia will be contested. According to two documents on the State Board of Elections website, there are 9 contested Senate primaries (2 Democratic, 7 Republican) and 7 contested House primaries (2 Democratic, 5 Republican). Thus, with 140 districts between the Senate and House, and two possible primaries per district, there are only 16 districts(5.7%) with a contested primary out of 280 possible primaries.

Those numbers are unofficial, since the full official list has not yet been released. However, if they are final, then the primary in Virginia would be the least competitive by measure of total contested races in this year's 2011 elections thus far. In the June 7 primary in New Jersey, 15% of primaries were contested while in Mississippi, 22.1% of primaries will be contested on August 2.

In New Jersey, the signature filing deadline was April 11, 2011. An unofficial candidate list was available the next day for voters interested to see which candidates were looking to run for office. In Mississippi, the filing deadline was June 1, 2011. The unofficial candidate list was also available by the next day on the Secretary of State's website. In Louisiana, the signature filing deadline is not until September 8, 2011.

The Virginia primary takes place on August 23, 2011. The deadline for candidates to file petitions was June 15.[1]

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