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Ohio Ballot Board tweaks 2012's Issue 2 description among whirlwind of controversy

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September 14, 2012


By Al Ortiz

COLUMBUS, Ohio: The Ohio Supreme Court ruled this past week that the wording of Issue 2, the redistricting amendment, is "defective" and "misleads voters." As a result, the ballot language that would be placed in front of voters was ordered to be rewritten.[1]

On September 13, the Ohio Ballot Board met to change the description in order to comply with the high court's orders. That same day, the ballot language was doubled in length and is the language that will ultimately appear on the ballot.

The recent events stem from a lawsuit filed by the coalition in favor of the amendment, Voters First, on August 23, 2012 that challenged the ballot wording formulated by the Ohio Ballot Board.

According to the lawsuit, the group challenged that the wording wasn't fair or accurate. The lawsuit asked the court to reconvene the board to come up with new language or to have the high court write the language instead of the board.

The formal title of the court case was State ex rel. Voters First, Ann Henkener, Samuel Gresham, Jr., Ellis Jacobs, Richard Gunther, and Dan Tokaji v. The Ohio Ballot Board and Hon. Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State.

Ballot text will be placed on the Issue 2 ballot measure page as soon as it is made public by state election officials.

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