Ohio Initiative & Referendum Procedures, Amendment 7 (1976)

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The Ohio Simplified Initiative and Referendum Procedures Amendment, also known as Initiated Issue 7, was on the November 2, 1976 ballot in Ohio as an initiated constitutional amendment, where it was defeated.[1] This amendment would have simplified the procedures for placing initiatives and referendums on the ballot.

Election results

Ohio Issue 7 (1976)
Defeatedd No2,407,96061.20%
Yes 1,175,410 32.80%

Election results via the Ohio Secretary of State.[2]

Text of measure

The language appeared on the ballot as:[3]

Proposed Constitutional Amendment
To adopt new Section 1 of Article II and new Article XVI and to repeal Sections 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e, 1f and 1g of Article II, Ohio Constitution

Relative to simplifying the procedures for initiative and referendum.
The proposed amendment would provide:

  1. That an amendment to the Ohio constitution may be initiated by a petition signed by at least 250,000 electors.
  2. That a law may be initiated by submitting a petition signed by at least 150,000 electors. if the general assembly does not pass the law as submitted within six months or enacts and amended version of the law, the committee of the petitioners sponsoring the petition may request that the law as proposed or with legislative amendments be put to a vote of the people.
  3. That except for emergency laws, tax levies, and appropriations for current expenses, any law, section of law, or any item of law appropriating money may be referred to voters if demanded by a petition signed by at least 100,000 electors and filed within 90 days after such law has passed. Such law or item will go into effect only if approved by a majority of the electors voting on it.
  4. Procedures for the filing of the text of a proposed law or amendment of law to be referred for preparation of a summary by the Ohio Ballot Board, for the preparation of the petition containing the summary, for requirements for circulating in signing the petition, for the balance board to prescribe ballot language and explanations, for preparation and publication of arguments supporting and opposing the law or amendment are for placement of the question on the ballot at a general or special election.
  5. That no law proposed by initiative shall have more than one subject and no law approved by the voters may be vetoed by the governor.
  6. That municipalities and counties shall have the right to initiative and referendum as may be provided by law.
  7. That no law may be initiated by petition which could not be passed by the general assembly. Other specific limitations on the powers of initiative and referendum which relate to taxation of property are repealed.

Shall the proposed amendment be adopted?[4]

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