Ohio Judges can run for office until age 76 under proposed amendment, voters to decide

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June 30, 2011


By Al Ortiz

COLUMBUS, Ohio: In what was supposed to be a measure to increase the maximum age for potential state judges from 70 to 75, voters will now decide if that number should be 76. The proposal will now officially appear on the November 8, 2011 statewide general election ballot.

On June 28, the Ohio State Senate voted unanimously, 32 to 0, in favor of the measure. The chamber also altered the proposal by changing the maximum age for a state judge to 76. After voting 69 to 27, the Ohio House of Representatives approved the change to the measure, sending it to the ballot for voters to decide.[1]

The Ohio House of Representatives had previously voted to approve the measure with a count of 70 to 26. The Ohio State Legislature can propose amendments, according to Article XVI, if 60% of the members of both chambers agree to it.[2]

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