Ohio Supreme Court rules on Chillicothe speed camera referendum

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October 22, 2009

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Chillicothe, Ohio: Yesterday the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the Chillicothe Red-Light and Speed Camera Referendum, 2009 will appear on the November 3, 2009 ballot. Previously, Chillicothe Mayor Sulzer asked the supreme court to review the case and approve an injunction on the referendum. Sulzer argued that the initiative was unconstitutional and that the city was denied the chance to argue their case.[1]

The referendum proposes prohibiting the use of both red-light and speed cameras within the city.[2]

However, on Wednesday, October 21, the justices ruled that,"Chillicothe failed to act with the requisite diligence in asserting its claim for extraordinary relief in mandamus and prohibition. Instead, the city delayed filing its protest until 119 days after the signed initiative petition was filed with the city auditor and 56 days after the city auditor certified the initiative petition to the board of elections. Chillicothe delayed an additional 26 days after the board denied its protest and certified the initiative to the election ballot to file this action for extraordinary relief."[1]

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