Ohio to fill seven post-election vacancies

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January 31, 2010

By Tyler Millhouse

COLUMBUS, Ohio: Following the 2010 general election and John Kasich's successful gubernatorial challenge, seven vacancies have been created across the state. Three resulted from appointments made by Gov. Kasich, three from a candidate's election to higher office, and one from a candidate-elect's declining to take office. In Ohio, vacancies are filled by an election conducted by the members of the legislative house where the vacancy occurred. Only members of the departing legislator's party may vote, and a simple majority is sufficient for confirmation. Since members are replaced by their own party, vacancies do not affect the legislature's partisan balance.

The following is a list of the districts affected by vacancies:

  • Senate District 22: Attorney Larry Obhof Jr. (R) has been selected to replace Bob Gibbs (R) who was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Obhof is currently involved a 20 state challenge of the federal health care reform law.[3]
  • House District 98: Current State Representative Richard Hollington (R) was selected to remain in his seat after declining to run for re-election in November. State Senator Timothy Grendell (R), in a bid to return to the house, ran for and won the District 98 seat. However, disappointed with his prospective replacements, Grendell decided to remain in the senate.[5] Hollington was originally appointed to the District 98 seat in 2010 to fill a prior vacancy.[6]

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