Oklahoma U.S. Congressional Term Limits, State Question 662 (1994)

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Oklahoma State Question 662 (Initiative #360) appeared on the 1994 ballot in Oklahoma. It passed, with 329,154 in favor and 165,663 opposed.

It was an initiated constitutional amendment.

The objective of the measure was to limit United States Congressmen from Oklahoma to a total of 18 years (up to 2 6-year terms as Senators, and up to 3 2-year terms as Representatives).

The validity of the proposition was challenged in the Oklahoma Supreme Court[1], and it was determined to be valid, and accordingly was placed on the ballot, where it won approval from 66.5% of Oklahoma voters.

The amendment, along with similar measures in many other states, was later struck down as unconstitutional by a 5-4 vote of the United States Supreme Court[2].


Oklahoma signature requirements

292,437 signatures were filed to qualify it for the ballot, versus a requirement of 208,554.

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