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Oklahoma residents to decide in November on Human Services Board

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May 29, 2012


TULSA, Oklahoma: On May 24, the Oklahoma State Senate passed House Joint Resolution 1092 which will now go to voters in November and ask them if the board which governs the Department of Human Services should be abolished. If approved, it would give the state legislature more oversight over the department. The department had come under scrutiny for previous issues in how it handled children which were given into the care of the state. When asked why there was a need to disband the board, Senator Greg Treat noted that the board has not been responsive to suggested changes made by the legislator and an over haul of how the department works is needed.

A companion Bill was sent to the governor which would, if the voters approve the November issue, give the governor the power to appoint the director of the department with Senate approval. The bill would also set up citizen advisory panels to give more oversight to the department.[1]

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