Oklahoma special election set for August 28

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August 27, 2012


By Johanna Herman

TULSA, Oklahoma: A special election is planned for August 28 to determine runoff candidates as well as several local issues across the state. There are runoff s for both Democratic and Republican candidates throughout the state for both the House and the Senate. The Republicans hold a majority in both houses and that is not expected to change with this runoff or in the General election come November. Some seats do not have other party candidates, so the winner of the runoff will win the seat. An example is the District 33 and 17 Senate seats which have had no Democrat candidate file, so the Republican winner will win the seat. In the House runoff s, both District 53 and 70 had no Democrat candidate file so that also will determine the ultimate Republican winner.[1]

Some local ballot issues include both municipal issues and school proposals. Several school districts are asking for bond money, these proposals need a 60 percent super majority to ultimately be approved. The Stillwell school is asking for a total of $1.15 billion in bonds to pay for school remodeling, repair construction projects as well as purchasing new buses for the district. The Calera, Silo and Cyril schools are also asking for bonds for construction and repair projects along with Lookeba-Sickles and Fox schools asking for bond money to pay for transportation equipment. Non school issues include electricity franchise agreement questions in the towns of Ratliff and Springer as well as city bonds in Norman for bridge and roadway projects. City bond measures only need a simple majority to pass.[2]

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