Oklahoma wine petition likely pushed to 2014 ballot

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June 13, 2012


TULSA, Oklahoma: A proposed state constitutional amendment petition which seeks to allow the sale of wine in certain counties has been taken to court to addressed raised legal issues. The petition has not been circulated yet, but with the proposed legal challenge there would not be enough time to circulate the petition and get the needed signatures by the September 1 due date. The proposed amendment would allow counties with populations over 50,000 to hold votes on whether they would like to allow the sale of wine in large retailers. Liquor stores would not be allowed to sell wine and if a county did pass such a law there would be a limit to how many retailers could sell wine within the county limits. The petition would need 155,000 valid signatures to be placed on the state ballot.

Opponents to the petition, those who took up the legal challenge have noted that the petition proposed to address more than one subject and therefore is not legal. The groups who brought up the legal challenge are theFighting Addiction Through Education group and the Oklahoma Prevention Policy Alliance group. Both are concerned about the increase of substance abuse in the state if this measure were to be approved by voters. While proponents of the measure have stated that if wine were to be allowed for sale then large retailers would likely come to the state sooner.[1]

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